“Grateful for what is, and eager for what is coming”

That is, in my mind, the ideal state to be in, and it is a balanced state between ease/relaxedness and inspiration to move forward that I am always striving for, and that I am using all my yoga techniques to navigate to. One important new tool in this balancing has emerged as more and more important to me: to celebrate the shifts in my life. As I have described in earlier blogs, I made this last autumn into the most enjoyable autumn ever, by making its transitions more conscious. By celebrating them.

It is now time for a new transition. I have been on holiday since Dec 21, and have for 2 of these weeks not even opened my email inbox. I have instead been taking it easy, spent in-the-vortex time with myself, doing daily yoga and some major cleansing rituals (such as the shankprakshalana). I have also enjoyed the company of friends and family. Apart from that, I have also been devoting some nice time to dive into my piano practice: virtually every day I have practiced, and sometimes even twice a day. During this relaxed time, both at and away from the piano, I have worked with those feeling places I want to be in, to lay new patterns of thoughts. New pipes in my mind, so to say.

An important part of navigation is of course to have a feedback system, that lets you know where you are, and which direction you are heading off to. The most important of those is the feeling in my gut, but like for most people I can see quite clearly where I am also by using external indicators. In fact, one of my most clear and reliable such indicators is my apartment. If I am in a good mode, in good shape, in the zone, on top of things, my apartment is almost always in a good place as well: it is tidied, and it is nice to walk around in the different rooms. And, then when I am sometimes dipping down into less high-flying places, due to stress or other imbalances, this almost immediately starts to show in my apartment as well: the disk is piling up, things are lying all over the place, and my sense of overwhelment is stopping me from wanting to do anything about it. In principle I could, but when I start it feels like an effort, and I don’t continue. Therefore, when many of my friends want to check how I am doing, they only have to check what my apartment looks like, and they know. Lots of piled up disk = bad mood, less disk = better mode, and so on…

…and if they would come home to me now, they would see the above picture: an image of a completely clean sink. Even the dishes I used in my last meal is not only dished but also dried and tidied away. This is not an indication that I have spent lots of time and energy doing the dishes, but simply that I am in a good mode, in good shape. That all the time off during my vacation has made me find one of those high-flying places, and be sufficiently stable there for it to start to show around me: in my body, in my clothes, in my breathing, in my movements, in my food, and in my apartment. All these things indicate that I am grateful for the time that have been – and that I am ready for more. Eager for more. That I am eager to start using this nice feeling-place to go back to work again tomorrow! To celebrate that event I end this blog with some New Year fireworks. And with ABBA! 🙂