//www.youtube.com/embed/Nz26IpXtIT4As some of you might know, I bought myself an early Christmas present a few weeks ago, in the form of a projector. I have had a projector at home before, for the TED evenings, but then it has always been a borrowed one, which I hence have had to return the day after. Now, I have bought one that I can keep also between the TED evenings, one that I “own”. Now in the last days, I have been using it to revisit some of the most magical nights in the musical history that I can dig up. Several of them have concerned my 27 year long project of learning and performing all the Beethoven sonatas for his anniversary in 2027, but I have also visited many magical nights given by some of my favourite pianists, many of which now are dead. The last one I looked at was the one in the video above, with Vladimir Horowitz. He gave this recital just 2 years before he died. Horowitz is one of my favourite pianists, perhaps my biggest piano hero of all, and I never got to see him perform before he died. But now, thanks to youtube and my new projector, I can not only see him play: I can see entire concerts just as if I was sitting on the front row, about a meter from his hands.

There are worse ways to await the final hours before Christmas arrives 🙂