“När första ljuset brinner
Står julens dörr på glänt
Och alla människor glädjas
Att fira få, advent”

These are lyrics that you often read here in Sweden when you are lightning the first candle out of four before Christmas. You then lighten one new candle, together with the old ones, each Sunday, and the fourth and last candle is lit the last Sunday before Christmas Eve. I did this tradition as a child, and now while having some wonderful company at home yesterday, I renewed it. It is a bit symbolic that the candle holder is broken, and needs repairing before I can finish this…

In any case, now I just want to say that I have also gone into a new type of celebration, which might become a tradition as well: to create a really awesome Christmas song playlist on Spotify. This is something I started to play with a little bit already last year, but this year I will make it a little bit more ambitious and open it up for the public. The playlist can be found in the link below, and I am adding only songs that in one way or another connects to Christmas celebrations (in a rather wide sense) and that – most importantly – consists of really good arrangements and performances. Performances that are so good that I like to listen to them based on the music alone. There are so many Christmas song recordings, and there is so much light and talent flowing out in many of them, so I am really eager about this project. The list is public and can be listened to by anyone, and if you have suggestions of songs that you think are good, please feel free to suggest them here in the comments. Any musical style and genre is welcome!

Happy listening!