The below email was sent out a few days ago on my email list. Send me an email (at gunnar.cedersund “at” gmail dot com) if you want to be included in it.

Dear friends, interesting human beings,

as most
of you know already, I have a tradition of arranging occassional
TED-evenings in my yoga and dance-studio. It is now time for another
one, and it will take place on Dec 3, i.e. now on Tuesday. As usual it
is on Rekrytg 4, 3rd floor, and we will start with drop-in of food (if
you want to bring some) and deciding of videos around 18, 18.30 or so,
and then start watching videos around 19. We should be finished by 22
with the last video, and you are free to leave earlier (or come later)
if you want. However, if you haven’t already, please write in
before-hand and check that there still are places left (UPDATE: there are now virtually none left). Either by email or
sms: 0702-512323. Further and more general info regarding TED-evenings
can be found here, including a link to a wave-discussion about what to
watch, here.

from that I also want to say that I will have the next lunch concert on
*Tuesday* Dec 17. It is hence not on a Monday, but otherwise as usual,
i.e. 12.20-12.50 and in Berzelius-salen, HU, Linköping. I will play
Beethoven’s op 2:3, which is the third and last sonata in his first
series of sonatas, written at the age of 25. At this point, he was
equally much about to prove himself as a pianist in Vienna as about
diving into composing, so there are lots of “show off”-places. When you
hear it you can just picture a wildly ambitious and super-talented young
Beethoven showing off in one of the many soirees he attended in those
early years.

Finally, for those of you who are interested in my
yoga-teaching, I hope to have a new intensive yoga-weekend at some point
not too far off, probably in Jan/Feb or so. If you are, and if you
haven’t already, let me know if you are interested.

best wishes,