A picture from one of my favourite places in Linköping, which is a place I sometimes go to over my long lunches (1.5h) during work days, and in general from time to time to refresh myself. You see the beautiful Tinnerbäcksån in front, some swans down to the left, and Linköping city in the back. This is just one of many many beautiful pictures I have taken this autumn, since I got home from my luxury philosophy cruize. I am therefore in general happy to note that my strategy has worked: this year, more than any other year, I have really been able to enjoy the autumn, for all that it has to offer. Now follows a few of the other reasons why I have enjoyed it so much this year, and of why I am anticipating the things that remain. More similar items will appear in future blog posts.

This picture is taken from the final minutes of Linköpings Folkmusikfestival, which is one of Sweden’s biggest folkmusic festivals, that runs every year in my home town. This means that some 500-1000 lovely people are coming from all over Sweden, and abroad, and for some reason I really like the kind of people that are attracted to Swedish folkmusic. I was a bit surprised when I discovered that a few years ago, since my prejudice was that it was only really really old people who danced folk music, and that they always did it wearing old tradition clothes, with funny knee decorations. Now I know that it is almost the exact opposite: there are people of all ages at these festivals (ranging from 10-80 years, and suprisingly many young adults in the span 18-25). Perhaps even more encouraging, the festivals are not about preserving and protecting the old ways, but it is truly a living tradition, where the old traditional songs are blended with all possible genres. Later I will upload an iPhone recording I made from one of this year’s personal discoveries: Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall.

In general, I also like the autumn, because then everything is starting again. My favourite TV-shows airs new episodes, my research group is re-assambled with all the new students of the semester, new papers are published, etc etc. To this, also comes great dance events. For instance, right now I am on my way down to a mix dance party, where tango, salsa, bachata, west coast swing, etc are mixed over an entire evening, on three different dance floors. This is exactly the kind of parties I like the most!

Another recommendation I really want to make is for a concert that is tomorrow. It is by three people, and one of them, Daniel Ralphsson, is an old friend of mine. As you might recall, I have from time to time pointed to videos of the extremely talented young girl composer, Emily Bear. In my own personal sphere, Daniel was to closest copy of that. He has been writing extremely much music, on a very high level, and also starting at a very young age. However, at some point around his late teens, it just stopped (an example of how higher education can be counter-productive to creative work). This stasis has remained for over 10 years, a period where he has retrained himself to become a successful professional opera singer, until about a year ago, when he met his current girlfriend. They then started a joint project with her, where he is doing the music, in a quasi-improvised fashion. The whole show is generally a mix of many genres, and dives into the now and into the many layers of the human psyche in a way that I find very inspiring (you get a feeling of what it is about in the video above). If you find the video above interesting, please go to Skeda tomorrow Sunday October 20, at 17.00. The music takes about 30 min, and surrounding that there will also be some other poems and a short little service.

So, that’s it for now. I end with a final autumn picture taken in Magistratshagen, outside of Stolplyckan, where I grew up as a child. I pass by this place every day, as a do my daily 5 minutes walk to my office.