There are many people who have ideas about how to live life optimally, how to get the life that you want, how to become successful, and all of that. While many of those ideas may be useful, there are also many ideas that will be counter-productive to you. So, the question becomes: “How to distinguish between the working strategies, the revolutionary strategies, and the non-working strategies?” I think that a really good way to do that is to look to those who have become on-top-of-their-game, to look to those who have demonstratable success with what they are doing, and see what they say about these things. And it doesn’t matter what it is they are doing, because the recipies for success works on all things. Also, to me it is equally much rewarding to listening to how people speak about what they are doing, to listen to the passion in their voice, to listen to the song in their heart, and to listen to their shining inspiration – to feel it. When I do that, that vibration spreads to me as well, and usually quite quickly. And then I am out of whatever stalemate I might have been in before I was listening to that clip.

Here is one of many many examples of such videos: with Will Smith. Mr Smith is one I have not listened to that much myself from before, but he is truly successful at what he is doing (he is the actor who makes the most money in the world I think), and I really like the passion in his voice.