I think that the Swedish summer is something very special, almost sacred, to most Swedes. It is sung about in many many songs, both old folk songs, and in newer ones, like the one above by Monika Zetterlund. To go home in the night of the calm light of the 2 AM sun – which is up again, and which never really was down – is a magic that is hard to exaggerate. Unfortunately, the price for this wonderful summer lightness is a ghastly long winter, surrounded by an autumn and spring that sometimes feels like it never will end. Therefore, I – like many others – have implemented a strategy to cut this part of the year short. I am now on my way down to the second half of this strategy, and therefore thought that now is a good time to talk about also this part of my life strategy.


In some previous blog posts, I have already explained about some of my various life strategies: for instance my weekly pattern oscillating between 2-3 days of intensive meetings and then the rest consisting of free roaming-around time; my oscillations between travelling wandering-phases and home-home-phases; my overall life-strategy seen through a day-dream at Babettes; etc. I therefore want to continue on this theme, and explain about another strategy, which also this one has grown on me over the years, and which has taken a more clear shape for every year that has passed. Here comes: “my summer-enhancement strategy”!

As you might remember, I went to South America in March, for approx 4 weeks. This means that I cut the end of the Winter short, and super-charge my sun reservoirs early on, so that when I come back, the only thing that remains of the spring is April, and that is no big deal, since then my sun batteries are filled.

And now, I am going down to the second half of this strategy: to the Mediteranian Sea (Italy, Greece, and Turkey), to go on something as exotic as a luxury philosophy cruize. In other words, I will now spend some almost 2 weeks in a very relaxed and extremely taken care of athmosphere down in the still sunny south of Europe, surrounded by highly interesting and meaning-seeking friends, who will attend and give some exciting lectures, and who quite generally will enjoy life with me for some 10 days. This will be pure heaven, and just to give a flavour of what kind of luxury I am in for: there are two servants for each passenger…! ^^ 🙂

In other words: then when I come home again, I will have eaten myself full of sun and summer, and will look forward to the now relatively short autumn and winter: October – mid February. And in the middle of that there is a cosy Christmas to look forward to.

I hope you will enjoy life as well – wherever you are!
/Gunnar, the pleasure-optimizer

P.S. As always: when travelling in Europe I almost always go by train, using the spontaneous-enhancing and very affordable interrail ticket system. When writing this, I am sitting on a train between Zürich and Lugano, in beautiful Switzerland.