Yesterday it was 50 years since Martin Luther King gave his extremely famous, and extremely good, speech: “I have a dream” (first video below). I have listened to that speech many many times, and I cherish it very highly. I have also listened to some speeches made by Obama many times, e.g. the one he gave when he was elected, on the election night (second video below). However, one of the biggest mysteries in my life is what happened when Candidate Obama turned into President Obama, and he suddenly abandoned all his very clearly stated principles. When he run for president in 2008, he said all the right things, and it was very hard not to believe that he was genuine, and that getting him into the White House was almost a dream too good to be true. When looking back, it seems like it wasn’t getting him into the White House that was too difficult: it was getting him in, unchanged, that was the difficult part. I won’t get into all the details of these changes now, but – as is indicated in the third video below – he has turned 180 degrees in terms of not striking down on whistleblowers, on not presenting a false choice between our principles and our security, and on several other related issues.

For these reasons, a new cartoon has become viral on the internet: where MLK’s “I have a dream” has been replaced by “I have a drone”. I personally think that the drone warfare is one of the most inhumane things going on our planet right now. You shouldn’t take war lightly, and if you implement it as a video game, where the attacker sits in a comfortable chair in the US for a few hours before picking up his kids from kindergarten, and where the victims are entire villages, with a very high percentage of innocents, then you are doing something that is almost a complete fulfilment of MLK’s prophetic words:

“When scientific power outruns moral power, we end up with guided missiles and misguided men”

As a sort of side-note to this little blog post, I want to end with a teaser to a book chapter that I wrote some 2 years ago (link to be added soon!). It was written back when I still enjoyed Obama’s speeches immensly, and it is meant as an initial chapter in a book that will span this century, i.e. what I think will happen, and how we will evolve on a whole range of issues: morally, politically, economically, technologically, relationship-wise, etc etc. That book in itself, is the second in a trilogy. The first will be about yoga, and the preservation of advanced yoga-insights, in a secret society that lived already some 2-3000 years ago, and which has preserved these insights up until our age. The last book in the trilogy will be about an advanced society, where they have fully evolved beyond the kind of issues that I complained about above. And – as a final little teaser – I can say that what will happen in this second book after Obama has been elected is that the masses realize that it is not sufficient to elect a leader that says all the right things. You need to create new ways of bringing people and information together into meaningful debates, which then transform itself into joint decisions. When the people lead, the leaders will follow. Only then can the leaders follow.

// Luther Kings original I have a dream speech.

// speech that Obama gave on the night he was elected, and which I mention in the chapter I describe above. I still think that it is one of the best speeches I have ever heard, and am still deeply touched by watching the video, seeing all the faces, and getting to feeling of that night back into my body.

The speech where the big changes in Obama’s policies are highlighted.