you encounter a dance group, or some other artistic group, that has
gotten a new idea that opens up a whole new type of expression, a new
form so to say. A little bit like when Jazz was discovered, or when
Beatles released their “Sgt Pepper” album, and everyone realized that you
can make an album where you are not only recording what the band is
playing on normal instruments at a single occasion, but that you on an
album can create new mixed sounds “off-stage”. Here is a dance group
that has done that: to have suits whose lights can be turned on and off,
to make individual dancers appear or disappear. After 2 seconds seeing
the video, you realize that: wow, why did nobody think of this before?
And then you know that you are going to see many tricks you never saw
before: because that simple idea opens up a whole new landscape of
possibilites. Enjoy 🙂