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This blog is about both scientific, societal/political, and yoga-related issues - individually and considered as different aspects of the same problem/solution. A longer description is found in the first blog entry, and all old posts are found in a structured way here. The blog is an extension of my main home pages and Twitter: @gunnarcedersund

The most harmonious and light-filled soiree to date: mini-resume and links

events/courses at Posted on Aug 21, 2013 21:24

// first time I heard this piece, I knew immediately that I needed to play it – as soon as possible. A few months ago, the CD was released and some month later I got the sheet music – and this Saturday, for the first time, I at last got to perform this piece in front of others.


A few days ago I and my friends had a new soiree here in Linköping. This soiree is a concept that has been developed over the years, and arranged primarily by my family, even though all who attend contribute in one way or another. This is a concept that we have taken from the 19th century middle and upper class music form: to perform music with and for your friends, as a means of hanging out with each other. This soiree was the 23rd one we have arranged, it had the theme “M”, and now follows a quick little resume:

On the piano solo side, I played some of my favourite pieces: Beethoven’s op 111 (which I write about e.g. here), and some new (one, two, and above), some older (one, two, three) and initial (one, two) pieces of Emily Bear (I made a little journey through her short but eventful life).

Together with the concertmaster of Östergötlands Blåsarsymfoniker, Dan Larsson, I played two pieces: Sonatine by B. Martinu (1st, 2nd, 3rd, movements) and the 2nd movement of Mozart’s clarinet concerto.

Together with violinist Olov Öberg, we made a re-run of a piece we played on one of the very first soirees, over 10 years ago: Mozart’s beautiful violin sonata in e minor (1st, 2nd movement).

We also sang some songs (allsång): e.g. Cornelis Vreesvijk’s “Grimasch om morgonen“, Dan Andersson’s “Jag väntar vid min mila“, and 2 others.

The biggest and most characteristic event of the evening was the group Najka, who came and did their wonderful rendition of Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet” (which is what you see in the picture above). The Prophet is originally a collection of peoms (to which I am writing a continuation :), but they make it in a wonderful arrangement with music, dancing, moving about, and many different instruments mixed in a wonderful weave of story telling.

All in all, this is perhaps the most harmonious soiree on my side, and the most light-filled one. I am very happy that I managed to arrange things so that my own solo-performances were done in a highly focused manner, where both some of Emily Bear’s pieces and parts of op 111 really generated some magic moments, which promises well for future performances of these pieces. Also, the music including the Prophet was very light-filled, but the mix was as usual both traditional chamber music, and both easy-to-listen-to and more advanced pieces (exemplified e.g. by the two clarinet pieces).

This is a picture of me reading and memorizing one of the most difficult parts of Beethoven’s op 111. After over a year of studying it, I am now happy to be able to play it for a second time. And as always with deep pieces like this one: for every performance, you just discover more and more of the magic.

About finding a new form: dance video with (dis)appearing dancers

music, dancing, creativity Posted on Aug 21, 2013 20:25

you encounter a dance group, or some other artistic group, that has
gotten a new idea that opens up a whole new type of expression, a new
form so to say. A little bit like when Jazz was discovered, or when
Beatles released their “Sgt Pepper” album, and everyone realized that you
can make an album where you are not only recording what the band is
playing on normal instruments at a single occasion, but that you on an
album can create new mixed sounds “off-stage”. Here is a dance group
that has done that: to have suits whose lights can be turned on and off,
to make individual dancers appear or disappear. After 2 seconds seeing
the video, you realize that: wow, why did nobody think of this before?
And then you know that you are going to see many tricks you never saw
before: because that simple idea opens up a whole new landscape of
possibilites. Enjoy 🙂