If you live in the Linköping area, like classical music and/or jazz, and haven’t yet discovered Östergötland’s Musikdagar, and the Linköping Chamber Music Festival, now is a good time to do that. Reason: today alone, there are four really good concerts you can choose between. A short summary of them are as follows:

kl 19.00 Vadstena Klosterkyrka Kvartett för tidens ände

Messiaens gripande mästerverk. Medv: Ringborg, Wahlgren, Derwinger, Mårtensson

Entré: 100 kr. Under 25 år: gratis

This first concert takes place in the wonderful cathedral of Vadstena, which is a town nearby Linköping, which somehow embodies both spirituality, culture, and the beautiful small town idylle of Sweden. The piece they will play is a piece written by the French composer Messiaen when he was imprissoned in a concentration camp. I have never heard it, but it is supposed to be a one-of-a-kind piece of music, and I will listen to it tomorrow, when it runs in Linköping

kl 19.00 Kapellet i Slätmon, Rimforsa Prosecco Sprudlande musikmix

Fransk-italiensk barockblandning. Per Gross, blockflöjt mfl

Entré: 150 kr. Under 25 år: gratis

This second concert takes place in the probably newest chamber music place in the Linköping area: in a chapell outside of Rimforsa. You can go there by bus, which I will do. The house is owned and run by an indirect friend of mine: Pelle Hansen. He is the sister of a violinist that I know since many years back, and we played all three of us many many years ago. Now he has grown hugely as a musician, and – more importantly – he has found this place nearby where I live, and want to do chamber music there. This is of course extremely interesting for me, who often feel a bit lonely as a performing chamber music enthusiast in this area. Since I run in to him yesterday, after hearing a little bit of the programme, and also got a personal invitation – I simply cannot miss the chance to see this new place, and see what potential for wonderful music it might contain.

kl 19.00 Wallenbergsalen, Linköping Två själar – fyra händer

En helkväll med pianisterna Per Tengstrand och Shan-Shan Sun.

Musik av Brahms, Schubert, Fauré, Schnelzer, Kapustin.

Entré: 200 kr, under 25 år: 100 kr

This third concert, which takes place at the same time as all the others, is run in Linköping city. It is the inaugural concert of the grand piano that I mentioned in a previous blog. This concert is recorded by Swedish Radio, P2, and I will therefore listen to it then. In any case, it is for four hands, by the world-touring pianist couple Per Tengstrand and Shan-Shan Sun. Per is one of the few (two?) living Swedish pianists who already have accomplished the project I am embarking on: to learn all of the Beethoven sonatas for piano solo.

ca kl 22 First Hotels lobby Spontanmusik med festivalens artister. Fri entré

This last concert takes place later in the night, and it is in my favourite concert: spontaneous music in relaxed circumstances, by really top-notch musicians. It is really similar to my tradition of music soirees, even though it is in a smaller format (shorter, less musicians, no food, etc). I can really recommend it. I think, this evening it will be – among other things – music by a guitarr duo.

More info on all of these things can be found here. (side note: I used to be the web-master of this music festival)