Luther King has provided one of the most well-known examples of how
non-violent resistance in the face of big police brutality really can
work to bring about change. We need to be inspired by such examples, and
believe that they can happen again, that healing always is possible.
Even in the most infected places. Picture from wikipedia


is probably the biggest and most influential of all online
organizations right now. They have already helped to bring significant
change to quite a few issues, and they are quite generally bringing hope
to the world, and the restoration of sanity in our global politics. Now
they are at last taking on some concrete on-the-ground action regarding
the Isreal-Palestine conflict, which is the perhaps most infected and
long-lasting wound in the world right now; at least regarding its public
attention. This is of course highly interesting, and if you want to
read more – and contribute to this global effort – use the following link, which also contains the following extracts.

“For years, the media has focused on Palestinian militants, and to this
day, extremists on both sides are pushing peace further out of reach.
But what’s lost in all that vitriol are the loving families like Fadel’s
that just want a normal life. Now, those families are stepping forward,
leading peaceful marches, organizing sit-ins, and working with Israeli
activists to seek justice and freedom.”

“This occupation has
gone on for too long and for too long the resolution of this conflict
has been controlled by extremists on both sides.”

“The best
hope for ending this injustice and finally reaching peace is this
peaceful resistance movement. Here are a few of the ways we can support

* Support life-saving legal aid to help nonviolent
leaders defend themselves from trumped up charges and kangaroo military
* Bring in civil disobedience experts from other movements
to share strategies and tactics with communities across the West Bank;
* Provide media equipment and trainings to leaders so they can both
document abuses and get the word out to the world about this hopeful,
inspiring movement;
* Hire top-notch campaigners on the ground to
provide ongoing support to this movement
, scale actions across the West
Bank, and engage our global community to take this movement from local
to global;
* Livestream their nonviolent actions on our site and organise a global day of action across the world.

In our history we have seen how nonviolent movements have freed peoples
across the world — Gandhi’s movement in India, Dr. King’s movement in
the US, and Mandela’s movement in South Africa. We know that it can
work, and indeed in this case it’s our only hope. Let’s give this
inspiring movement the global solidarity it needs to succeed”

Picture from Wikipedia.