“Because of you, I’m changed, unplugged, a new man, so to speak”. Agent Smith, from the Matrix reloaded.


As some of you know, I am living a life that is bi-phasic in many ways. I already wrote about how I oscillate between a travelling phase and a home-home phase. On a day-to-day basis, I – like everybody else – oscillate between sleeping and waking. But on an intermediate scale, the week scale, I oscillate between a meeting phase, and an unplanned – and now also unplugged – phase.

During the first of these phases, I have two or maybe three days a week, now during the Summer Tuesday and Wednesday, as meeting days. Then my calender is open for all, and all my students, friends, colleagues, etc, can book in times with me. This is important, because I am supervising many students, and have many collaborations, and this requirers regular meetings – and for students it is also important to have the feeling that they have an easy access to me. During these days, I just float along, and go to whichever meeting somebody has booked with me, and the only thing I care about is to feel good, so that I can inspire whomever I am talking to.

During the second of these phases, I have absolutely nothing booked in. Now this phase ranges from Thursday to Monday, i.e. 5 days in a row, and during these days my calender is completely empty. This means that my only principle is to follow my intuition, and my impulses regarding what feels like the coolest and most inspiring thing to do at this very moment. To try to sense where the most hip place seems to be for me right now. Where things could really start to happen. Or change in a way I want. And I have no plans to keep doing that a second longer than that feeling stays: the moment something else feels more exciting, I do that instead.

This freedom, in the second phase, has many advantages. First, it means that whatever I am doing – and whomever I am doing it with – will always be done immersed in inspiration. And it is from within that feeling that all good ideas flow, and it is from within that feeling that you do things on the very top of your capacity. Second, this gives a sense of freedom, and relaxation, and ease, and those feelings are very much what I am looking for in my life – much more so than any specific physical events. These are also, by inspiration and by example, the things I hope to bring into the lives of others. The standard response that people are giving nowadays, when they are asked how they are feeling is i) that they have too much to do, and ii) that they are tired. In this phase, I have nothing I need to do at any given moment. And I am only doing things at all, if I feel full of energy with which to do it: otherwise I simply go to lie down somewhere. Third, there are so many that complains, and I have too in the past complained about, that they do not have time to do the really important things. They are filling their days with unimportant details, and when they look back, they never get around to doing the really important stuff. The really fun and inspiring stuff. The things that they will truly remember and be remembered for, when all the silly details are forgotten. I am only doing these kinds of things, all the time. And fourth, I truly believe that the feeling of highest excitement, the feeling of your highest joy, is our inner guidance system telling us that we are moving towards that which we are looking for. It is the soul raising the hand when the teacher says his name, and saying “hi, that’s me – and this is where I am”.

The final thing I have to say – and the thing I really wanted to say today – is that I have now since about a week back taken this one step further. I am now only having my computer – including my iPhone! – at work, i.e. not at home, and not with me to any other places. In other words: outside of my office I am now just like agent Smith: unplugged. After just a week with this little experiment, my experience is so far almost exclusively positive. One of the main reasons for this – and one of the main things I hope to get out of this – is that I am now no longer going into the bad behaviours that I sometimes get caught in, and which almost always includes me sitting infront of the computer for hours, sometimes even days, doing nothing productive, and producing various types of stress and degeneration symptoms in my body. Now, I am still checking in from time to time on facebook, but it is typically just 5 min at one single time each day, while at work, and I have no longer a way of getting stuck for hours and hours without end watching stupid TV-series, in an endless escape-cycling from life.

Instead, I am nowadays unplugged, roaming around in the world, as people did before: watching the things around me, talking to the people I am encountering, and being present in the physical world. This also gives a wonderful sense of vacation, even though I am still officially working. When I leave the office, I have no idea if somebody wants to contact me, I have no way of doing things I might feel a bad conscience about. In fact, I don’t even know what time it is! ^^

So: if you want to contact me, I will probably not answer directly, but with an approximately 24h delay. Unless you knock on the door to my home, or meet me be chance in real life 🙂