I grew up in these houses, which are called Stolplyckan, and which constitute Sweden’s biggest communal living (swe: kollektiv). Around 200 apartments in around 10 houses are collected in a single house complex, and therein people are sharing cooking utilitizes, athletics and crafts rooms, playing grounds, etc, etc. Some people are living with their door constantly unlocked, and virtually all people there know their neighbours much more than is typical for rental apartments, at least in Sweden. It is also a wonderful place for children to grow up in, and it is one of the reasons for one of my dreams: to one day create a similar, but much smaller, shared living arrangement, centered around yoga, and appearing as an extension and complement to the activities of yoga-link.se.


June 10, 2013 was a day when two of my biggest dreams took small, but important, quantum step closer towards fruition.

The first of the things that happened was that I went down to a workshop in Växjö, in the south of Sweden. This workshop is one of the main international conferences in the world that is devoted to quantum mechanics fundamenta, and much of the world elite in the field are going there. This year, 2013, I went their for the first time, to present a small but key ingredient in the worldview project that I am presenting here in this blog. As I wrote already in the first blog post on this, it is an important part of this project – and a key part that distinguishes it from many other similar projects – that I want to publish as much as possible in scientific journals, and bring these results into the awareness of the mainstream scientific community. Since this was the first time I went to a conference on this particular topic, it was therefore a bit scary to see what they would think of my ideas. But my presentation, entitled “Different interpretations of quantum mechanics have different interpretations for free will”, turned out to be one of the most highly attended lectures of all during that entire session (there were many parallell sessions, and people went back and forth between the different rooms). And – at least as I have seen so far – the reactions were overall positive, and none so far has punched any critical holes in the things I said. So, I am now preparing a conference proceeding on this topic, to serve as a follow-up publication that will be peer-reviewed, and that can be cited, and then – if not before – I will at last return to the blog-series here.

The second thing that happened on June 10, 2013 was that my brother moved out of Stolplyckan that is depicted above, and into an apartment that is just 30 meters from where I live, even on the same yeard as me. This felt significant, because I have a long term dream to create a new shared living situation around me and my friends, and because it felt like this was the first little loose formation that could lead to this, both energetically, and perhaps even physically. These following weeks have also started to live up to this potential. As I wrote in the previous blog, I am now living an unplugged life, and am therefore focusing much more on physical meetings. And, I have therefore created a simple facility (a big branch from a tree 🙂 that I can use to poke my brother’s window, and see if he is up for some hanging out. During these discussions, we have also talked about whether I should open up my apartment, and the big dance/yoga-room I have there, to serve as a joint yoga-room where we can both do yoga whenever we feel like, and so inspire each other to do it more, and better. Finally, I have also realized that some other wonderful people are living in the same house as my brother, and there are also some other newly moved in friends of mine some further hundreds of meters away – which all contribute to me feeling like a little vortex is about to form around my little yard. A vortex where yoga, hanging out, and a new way of living is about to manifest itself. First as a dream that we dream of together, play around with, and then by gradually inspiring other wonderful people to move in there as well 🙂

Picture of one of the houses in Gebers, outside of Stockholm. This is another big shared living arrangement, similar to Stolplyckan, and therein lives a smaller little group of people that make up one of the closest examples I have found as of yet, of how I want to arrange my living in the future, regarding what kinds of friends I want to have around me, and regarding the general “feeling” of it all.