It is time
for a new lunch concert tomorrow! I will play Beethoven’s sonata op 10:2, the 5th
sonata in the series (going through all 32 sonatas) and one where he has
left the initial “wanting-to-impress” phase, but not yet moved into the
expansive “breaking-all-boundaries” phase. In other words, this sonata is
quite short and neat, almost like a Haydn sonata. To fill out the time, I
will also present the sonata, and play a few pieces by Emily Bear.

What: Piano lunch concert, Beethoven op 10:2
Where: Berzeliussalen, the university hospital, Linköping, Sweden
(next to the HU library)
When: June 7, 12.20-12.50
Music: Gunnar Cedersund

Welcome! 🙂