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This blog is about both scientific, societal/political, and yoga-related issues - individually and considered as different aspects of the same problem/solution. A longer description is found in the first blog entry, and all old posts are found in a structured way here. The blog is an extension of my main home pages and Twitter: @gunnarcedersund

New yoga-weekend, May 10-12 – including open contact impro-evening May 11

events/courses at Posted on Apr 26, 2013 15:09

On May 10-12, there will be a new yoga weekend course here at There are sufficiently many signed up to know that it will take place, but there are still places left. Short summary below, more info here.

What: Advanced weekend courses
For whom: Open for all, but an interest in meditation is helpful
When: May 10-12, 2013
Start time: Friday at around 18
End time: Sunday around 15
Where: Rekrytgatan 4, on T1, Linköping, Sweden
Sign-up: By sending an email to

Welcome! 🙂

The second half of my week – the inspired action part – has just started

karma yoga: life and work Posted on Apr 26, 2013 12:41

I am structuring my week in a bi-phasic way.

In the first phase, I have “meeting days” or “supervision days”. In these days, which usually runs Monday-Wednesday, my calender (which can be found online by anyone) is completely open for the usage of others. The only restriction is that I have a long lunch, 12-13.30, and that I do not want to start before 9 (possibly 8.30). In other words, anyone who wants to meet me – be it some of my students, colleagues, friends, etc – can during these days themselves book in a meeting time into my calender. In that sense, my intent is that all people who are involved with me, feel that it is easy to reach me, and that they can get as much access to me as they need at the moment. For me it is also nice, because I can during this phase of the week just “float along”, and go from meeting to meeting, with only two things on my mind: i) to be present and sensitive, so that I can respond as accurately, knowledgeably and inspiringly as possible to any questions or situations that I am being presented to, and ii) to be aware of my current feeling-indicator, i.e. of where I am in a fear/pressure vs love/inspiration scale. Apart from these meetings, planned in by others, I during these days do not expect anything more to be done, workwise. And that is a very relaxing feeling.

In the second phase, things are, suprisingly enough, even more relaxing. In this phase, which usually runs Thursday-Sunday, I have a completely empty calender. In these days, I go exclusively according to my own inner clock, and I try to work in a way where everything I do is out of inspiration, and out of a sense of freedom. In these days, I try to get things done. Important things. Things that require of me to really dive into the work, to create truly profound things. Things that I maybe hadn’t even planned, or thought of before – but that just come to me in the moment, as pure inspiration. Such unplanned things are, in my experience, the most important things, the things that really change the game most profoundly – and such things you don’t have time to do if your calender is full, and you feel stressed too much of the time. In these days, I really try to dive into the opposite feeling: a feeling of complete freedom, where I have all the time in the world, and where I always am on top of the game. In these days, I sleep when I feel tired, I eat when I am hungry, and I work when I feel inspired to – and, as far as possible, only with the kind of things that I feel most inspired to.

Last week, I spent almost all of this time, this second phase, in Stockholm, and there floated around between all sorts of non-planned events – which also led me into really wonderful meetings with both people that I know and love since a long time back, and with completely new people, whith whom I had really wonderful get-to-know-each-other unfoldings. These meetings with friends were wonderful, and something that fulfilled a desire within me that I have been longing to fill ever since my recent South America travels. However, during those days, i.e. during last week, I didn’t get that much classical work done.

Now, during this week so far, I started off with some unusual first two days: the Monday was devoted to an important and potentially game-changing interview with the deans here at my University, and the Tuesday was spent at a convention where a nice meeting place between academia, industry, and health care had been arranged. Then, these last two days, Wednesday and Thursday, were this week’s supervision days, and thus packed to the brink with inspiring and important meetings.

And, now, with all of this behind me, I have at last arrived at the much anticipated days of freedom: this week’s 3 days of inspired action. In other words, since some 12 hours back, and lasting until Sunday evening, I have not a single thing planned in. And I have many things I am looking much forward to digging my teeth into, and I am looking much forward to seeing with which of these things I will go ahead, and – equally much – to see which completely unplanned and in-the-moment inspirations that I will attract.