A filter is something that is designed to let some components through, but block some others. In this pictures, the red blobs are blocked, but the blue ones are let through. However, even with such a filtering, it quickly becomes difficult to retrieve a particular blue dot when many of them have passed by. We therefore need a way to create growing and self-organising structures out of the pieces that are falling down. For such a thing, rizzoma, and the concept of waves, is the best option I have seen so far – and I have now started such a wave that acts as a repository for all my blogs, links and facebook posts. Picture from Wikipedia.


We are today living in the information age, and information is washing over us in amounts that suprasses all that we have experienced previously. Despite, or perhaps because of, this high availability, a big challenge is how to cope with this information: both regarding how to live with it without drowning and becoming stressed or unfocused, and regarding how to find high-quality information among all the low-quality information that appears everywhere.

In respect to this quality aspect, I think that we all have a responsibility of being information filters for each other. There are many of my friends who are following and filtering news in various ways, and my main source of good articles nowadays is facebook. It greatly outperforms any single news site I know of. I also myself try to be such a filter, and here and at facebok I only give you information that I judge to be interesting, important and/or uplifting – and ideally all of these things at the same time. I also try to filter these news through my own thoughts and perspectives in a way that adds some new angles and insights compared to the original articles.

However, facebook and other similar blogs and forums have a big limitation: when time has gone by it is very hard to retrieve the information again. I think that all of us have had the experience of having seen something somewhere, you think it was at a blog or facebook wall of a friend, but you then cannot find it, or at least it takes a lot of time. For this reason, I have now started the transferal and structuring of all my facebook posts, blogs, and links that I create and encounter. I do this in the extremely interesting and futuristic format of a wave, as it is implemented in rizzoma. This has the benefit that it has a very intuitive tree-structure, which makes it easy to organise and re-organise large sets of data: especially if these data evolve over time, and you do not know in beforehand how these data best should be structured. Many of these benefits are multiplied exponentially when more people are involved, but I will in this particular case use this as a solo-site, even though it is public, and with the possibility to comment.

In other words, if you are looking for something that you have seen here or somewhere else on my sites, or if you are simply looking for material of mine on a particular topic, please go to this site. It is open for all, and you can also leave comments.