Today I was sitting at Babettes kafferi, at their English Tea Time (depicted in the picture above), which they have 15-19 on Thursdays. I was coming at the end of it, and stayed until after closing time, which is at 21. In the beginning, I was mostly sitting still, and doing a sort of waking meditation, similar to the one I did close to a red light in Buenos Aires. Eventually, however, this led me to want to write something, to create something. And therefore I started to write. It is sort of like a blog post, but pretty long, so it is given here as a pdf file. Perhaps it will also be part of a book, or a collection of short stories, that I will publish one day. In any case, it is a simple little overview of me, my life, and what kind of yogi, and yoga teacher I am and aspire to be. It is also – and perhaps most importantly – about the Stillness and observer mode that I have always had such an attraction to, and that often has set me aside from the people I have had around me. So if you are interested in these things, feel free to read the below text.