you heard of the concept “Law of Attraction”? Perhaps you are one who
thinks that it is very useful in your life? Or perhaps you are one who
thinks that it some fluffy New Age concept that has no way of being
true, and cannot possibly have any sort of sound relation to what
Science is saying? I personally think that it is a very useful concept,
since it basically teaches me how I am choosing things in my life, and
consequently how I can improve my situation. I also have a way of making
this principle fit together with my own scientific understanding, in a
complete worldview – where this fitting together even is the, in my
view, most logical conclusion. The best theory around. Having
established some initial concepts in 3 videos, I am now at last ready to
start outlining how this can be so. And unlike the first 3 videos,
which content has basically been said elsewhere by me and others, this
fitting together is much more new – I haven’t seen this description
anywhere else. The description will take 24 videos, and in the current
presentation video, video #5, I just outline how these 24 videos will be
structured. The short version is that we will need to a) understand the
boundaries of today’s science, b) learn more about quantum mechanics,
and c) learn to meditate – before we can rather easily put all of these
things together 🙂