Finally back at the office, for the first time in some 5 weeks! Before I
came this morning, I had some resistance to coming, but now it feels
awesome! In periods, working home or on the road is more efficient
for me; but after a while this effect stagnates – and then it is, at
least for me, better to go back to being at the office again. It is
interesting how all things seem to go in cycles in life. Even the Sun does that.

In Nature almost everything seems to go in cycles. Theoretically, this probably has to do with the fact that most systems in nature has some kind of regulatory feedback loops in their internal mechanisms, and such feedbacks combined with some time-delay typically produce cyclic behaviours. Spiritually, however, I think that this cyclic behavour has a deeper purpose, a deeper benefit: to make our longings more quickly fulfilled, and to produce more variety. And out of variety, potential and desire for growth is born. Picture from Wikipedia.