Sooo…after 24 hours of travelling, plus a 24 hour stop in Stockholm in the middle, I am now at last home again! Home at!

My multi-purpose floor as seen from the entrance to my apartment and

Coming into the door I was immediately reminded that my home, which is also the dance-, and yoga-studio of, has been used a little bit during my travels: namely, by some dance and get-to-know-your-body workshops held by Helena Wikner. Helena has attended some of my yoga-courses, and even taught a little bit during some of the dance-evenings on the long summer retreats, and she is currently taking a 1 year education in Joensuu, in Finland, to learn more about exactly such kind of health-increasing dancing. (btw, from the Summer and on she will be living full-time in Linköping). It is actually a nice feeling to see how my vision of an intimate and personal, yet professional and functional, multi-purpose yoga/dance/etc-studio is getting a life of its own, and it is a very nice feeling to come home to it.

Winterlandscape as seen from the train from Stockholm to Linköping.

Statue with earmuffs, outside of the main train station in Stockholm.

Otherwise I can say that I am adjusting a bit to the fact of being back in a Winterlandscape, where even the statues get earmuffs. But I have now filled up both my travel-account with wonderful experiences and meetings, my refridgerator with lots of delicioius and ecological food – and I am now looking forward to having a home-phase again. In other words, life feels as it should feel: grateful and filled-up with what has been, and hungry for the next phase which is just about to start! 🙂

Coming home from a long travel, one of the first things I do is to go and buy lots of healthy, ecological food. I love the feeling of having a full refridgerator!