Now I have just registered to my first conference on quantum mechanics fundamenta!! As you might know, this is a field I have been interested in since long before I did my M.Sc. in theoretical physics, i.e. for well over 15 years. The reason for this high interest is that this research field so tightly couples to worldview questions and philosophy – i.e. with the things I am talking about in this category: “Towards an integral worldview“.

I have applied to both attend and to present a talk with the title:
Different interpretations of quantum mechanics have different implications for free will

If I have understood one of my colleagues and co-organisors of this workshop correctly, this is an event that most of the world-elite in this research field attends, so it will be really really exciting (and a little bit scary 😉 to see what they will say about what I will present. I myself think that what I have to say is a completely logical conclusion of the current state-of-affairs, but it is still inherently a bit explosive stuff, since it deals with physical laws and free will. But, again if I understand my colleague correctly, this is an event that is attended by everythying from physicists and mathematicians, to philosophers and even historians – and I have good hopes that this at the very least will lead to some quite insightful feedback!

I will be able to explain more in detail what the presentation is about when I have come a little bit further in the explanations here – for now it is enough to say that this registration is a small step for mankind, but that it is a big conceptual step in my own carreer! I am now saying to the world that this is something I am doing as a researcher as well!

To be continued…! smiley