So, today it was at last time for the lunch concert that I had prepared for for over a year: when I was supposed to play Beethoven’s op 111 for the first time! As with all such deep and profound pieces, it takes not only a lot of practice on your own, but also some experience with performing in front of an audience, before you really start to master the piece. Or to quote Vladimir Horowitz: “I practice on my own, and learn the technique as good as I can. But it is only when I play it in front of an audience that I really learn the piece”. And it is something quite special to play music for others. Your perceptions and awareness becomes much much increased, and your presence increases a lot. Suddenly you start to hear the piece, and you start to communicate with it – simply because you are using the piece to communicate with the people who are listening. Performing is therefore for sure much associated to the kind of in-the-zone states that you search for in yoga.

In other words, when I have played it a few times more in public, I will make a recording of the piece, and upload it here. But for now, I at least want to give you the first few bars from today’s concert. This little clip is actually from when I was introducing the piece, in the beginning of the concert. So at the end of the clip you can here me get up, to start saying something about what comes next.

Finally, I could say that I am now in the process of preparing for a bigger journey. The last 4 days I have spent in Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Berlin (where I went on the way home to dance some tango!), and Linköping, respectively, i.e. on a little mini-journey through Europe. But the next 4 weeks, I will spend in South America! On Wednesday morning I am going down to the summer, to the dancing, and to beautiful latinas and fascinating science projects. But more about that later 🙂