of ideas usually happens in leaps, when things come to confrontations,
deadlines, judgements, votes, etc. Now there is a new such deadline
approaching: the lobby for major copyright holders threatens to sue the
individuals in the Swedish Pirate Party, if they do not stop acting as servers
for the pirate bay. The deadline for their reply is February 26, i.e. tomorrow!

I do not have time to write a full analysis of this situation, but I anyway
want to contribute to bringing some thoughts and opinions from my side

* I think that the current copyright laws that we have are outdated, and that
they absolutely must change, i.e. become updated to the Information Age.

* I think that a system as a whole benefits from sharing of information, and that copyright by principle therefore is to be moved away from.

* I even more think that the current system, where the copyright lobby make
insanely huge law suits on individuals who are in various ways involved in this
transformation must stop! Such threats, which often mean
that they go outside the law, or make use of the law in unfair ways – by e.g.
making use of their advantage of driving hugely expensive law suit trials,
which individuals have no chance of countering – are pathological symptoms of a
system that is dying. Let’s stop these – and let’s foster the birth of a new

* I think that this fostering is helped by the development of concrete
suggestions of alternatives to the copyright. We must produce realistic
alternatives, which fulfills all relevant aspects of the equation: compensation
for those who produce works that now are protected by today’s version of
copyright, ways to introduce such new compensations in a country-by-country fashion.
We must also spread the fact that copyright often is counter-productive to what
one think that it is there to help: the possibility to make money out of your
ideas. Here I think that works of the Pirate Party representatives, like the recent book and ongoing blog posts by Rick Falkvinge and colleagues
are very important. But more people must start discussing them, spreading them.

* This obligation to discuss and spread these transformative ideas about new
alternatives lies on all our shoulders. And althought it is a good idea to use
important deadlines as a way to gather momentum and achieve a more focused
energy – we cannot only do these efforts at those occassions. This must
be an ongoing process!