Kwai Chang Caine from the TV-series Kung Fu. He was a wandering kung fu monk, who went to different places, resolved problems and inspired people, and thereafter wandered on to some other place, having his spiritual quest as the only thing that was truly important to him. I loved this show when I was a child, and it is one of the reasons for one of my two opposing facets: the wanderer.
Picture from wikipedia.


My life is a bit bi-phasic: oscillating between two quite different ways of life.

On the one I hand I really like to travel. To live my life as a wanderer, walking from place to place, being home where I am, in myself, everywhere and nowhere. To take myself and my presence as the only fixed points in my life, and everything else as joyful, but passing, adventures. To be friend with every stranger I meet, but to cling needily to no one. A friend of mine once said: to truly love is to first be a magnet that attracts, merges, and thrives in the company of the other, but then also to turn the magnet around and propel both yourself and the other person into new adventures, to remind both you and yourself of the joy of being alone, and that the important thing is the essense, not the form. The feeling – not the person! In order to truly bless, you need to make the other independent of your blessing.

On the other hand, I really like the ideal of having a piece of land that you are a steward for, that you and your ancestors have been stewards for for generations, and which it is now up to you to bring onwards towards the future; to have a true home, where you live and where you truly belong, where almost everybody you meet is your friend, or at least the friend of a friend; to make use of what you have, and to see the infinite potential in what you have been given – a potential that only you can see at first, but which you have the ability to carve out and later on show to the world.

In a way both these ideals come from some view of the north american indians. Many of these were tribal vagabonds, who took their homes with them when they travelled, but who also had a strong sense of stewardship for the land, and for the family to which they belonged. However, there are also many other role models that vibrate within me with regards to the two above facets of me: e.g. that of the walking asketic yogi, that of Kwai Chang Caine in the Kung Fu (one of my favourite programs as a child), etc etc.

Since I have both of these personalities and ideals within me, and I want to live a life that brings together both of them, into a harmounious whole. I do this by living a bi-phasic life. In the first of these phases I am home, and truly home. I live in Linköping, where I have grown up, where my parents and my brother live. Furthermore, I even live a few hundred meters from all of these things, and on the 5 minute walk from my home to my work, I pass by many of the places I used to play at when I was a child – so that everyday I am home my life goes full circle, and I get a wonderful perspective of the current everyday problems I believe I have to worry about. This home phase is a wonderful basis which allows me to balance the other phase, the travel phase – the phase which I am about to embark on now.

In this travel phase, I often go to many different places in a relatively short period, and I usually try to combine several of my pleasures, like work, piano, dancing, friends, yoga, etc. Tonight, in a few hours, I am going down to Copenhagen. I lived there for a few years, and it is truly one of my favourite cities in the world. Where will I go next? That I will tell you tomorrow…^^

Copenhagen in the year 1890. Picture from Wikipedia.