We are right now in a
very fascinating time, where I think an epic battle is reaching its most
important climax. The fight is the same one as the one in which all other
celebrated humans have thought: who should have the freedom, rights, and powers
in our society, the people or the ruling elite?

Right now the fight is over these rights and freedoms and powers regarding the
internet. We have in the last few months, at least won (or at least
substantially improved) 2 major major battles on this: PIPA/SOPA and ACTA. Now
here comes one more, which might be even more important than the others. Let’s
show them that we will throw down any attempt they throw at as regarding
dismanteling the internet user rights. Then let’s throw down those from power
who attempts doing these laws. And then let’s use our new awesome people power
to – at last – bring a little bit of common sense into the ruling of this
world. And bring on all the other changes that we all know must take place in
the years and decades ahead.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could look back at 2012 some 30 years from now, and
think that: “2012 was the year when we won the battle for internet, and
that lead to all the other amazing rapid improvements that we have seen since
then.” I truly and profoundly believe that this could be the case, but I
equally strongly believe that this is not the only possible future that we
could move towards. Who makes the difference regarding which one you end up in?
Only you! And this petition is a way of making that choice!