I just found a new book on how and why the
Internet and all the mobile connections we have to each other nowadays bring us a sense of
connection we are longing for. We lost this connection when our families became mobile
little units moving from city to city, and we miss it now more than ever when
the over-populated cities and fear-mongering media makes virtual strangers of
all of us. Therefore, if the units themselves break down in bitter divorces, we
feel more disconnected and alone than ever. But…the internet (at least
partially) restores that, and not only on the little tribal scale, but all the
way up to the global scale, to the global identity that we are so sorely
lacking an awareness of, and which lack is creating our extreme unresonsibility
for our global actions.

The book also seems, despite some historical and
scientific underpinnings, to be fairly poetically written, which is another
mixture I appreciate a lot. For instance:

The mobile has become the visible
manifestation of the emotions evoked by our connections. Although, unlike the
tendrils of the Pandorans, they have not burrowed their way beneath into our
biology, we carry our mobiles everywhere. We use them to link with one another,
consult the spirits of the ancestors (through their writings), and, as we watch
feeds and updates scroll by, tune into the whispers of the global mind. We may
imagine ourselves separate, but we yearn to link with all, dissolving in a sea
of love.

…tune into the whispers of the global mind…I love
it! 🙂

(incidentally, I wrote a poem myself
on a similar theme a few weeks ago)