As you might already know, I am writing poetry since some years back. I have basically finished a first cycle, even though it isn’t published yet. A few weeks ago, I got the inspiration to start on a second cycle. It is an idea I had a long time, but for which I haven’t felt ready until now. But now when I finally have gotten started, things have flowed out of me rather effortlessly: I have now written about 10 one-page poems, which brings me a little bit more than half-way. The idea is to write these poems in the same style, and as a sequel to “The Prophet”, by Kahlil Gibran, which is my favourite cycle of all. In this cycle Almustafa comes back, and talks about the new things, possibilities and challenges that have appeared since his last visit. The first poem I wrote, and which I think will be the first one in the ultimate cycle is the following one, on the joys but also limitations of the Internet.

And a computer hacker stepped forward and said: “Speak to us about the Internet”

Through the web, you can get a taste of the world of oneness to which you all long.

you all long for a place where all your friends are but a thought away,
and where the action of one of you is experienced by the lot of you.

You long for a place of connection with others that you always can bring, wherever you go.

you long for a joint place of Reason, to help you exchange and evolve
ideas – freely and maturedly – for the betterment of mankind.

All of these things, and more, Internet can bring you.

be aware, because this fulfills only half of your longing. And just
like virtual food is unable to satisfy the hungry stomach, you can never
use the Internet to dance, and your virtual friends can only numb, but
not truly satisfy that deepest loneliness calling on you from within
your heart.

time and space in Internet has collapsed into one point, this collapse
is not complete until you bring in the Outer and Inner worlds therein as

therefore sure to balance the virtual Matrix with the joys of the outer
world, and with the exploration of the Inner Matrix, wherein still
resides that Point wherein all things reside.

just like the addict alcoholic keeps looking for relief where he found
it once, but where he now only moves away from it, you too run the risk
of looking to deep in a place that then brings you out of balance and away from your
body and away from your soul.

when your virtual drinking buddies knock on your door late at night,
ask yourself deeply if this is what you really want, and then enjoy –
without shame! – your chosen universe, and your chosen nightly